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Sep 10, 2011 11:15pm EDT
. and rushed for 241 yards, beating ecu, 17-10. thing and in virginia on the road against indiana. the caps built a 23-3 lead. in the fourth quarter, 23-17 and terry jones, the ball is loose and lawrence burnet, the scoop and is scooting out of there. takes the distance, 54 yards for the touchdown. indiana in front and 24-23. so we go late in the game. and that is tied 31-31. edward wrightbakeer never sees camionson and strips him. it's uvas ball. the final play. connor randolph, no pressure. the game-wing 23-yard goal is good for virginia and improving to 2-0. howard and moorehouse at rfk stadium. the inaugural nation's football klack. first quarter, the -- football classic. if the quarter, the 18-yard td. the first score of the game, up 5 at the half. the third quarter, howard down 11, greg mcgee to a wide open brandon flanagan. a 29-yard t.d. and howard is down 3 and in that fourth quarter, hits carter 23 yards and over morhouse, 30-27 and giving the receiver a win. >> oh, man and i wanted more for the fans. [ cheering ] >> and with that business and to get them and with the magnitude an
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1